We design and manufacture molding machines, flask-mounted mechanical or automatic molding systems, molding material mixers and system components as standard solutions or customized designs.

Pulse molding machines

Fully automatic flask-mounted molding plant for green sand. Mold compaction occurs via air pulse and / or pressing. Each system is customized to the specific requirements of the respective user in combination with sand preparation systems supplied and delivered by Reißaus & Baumberg.

Mechanical molding systems

Mechanized molding systems with air pulse and / or pressing or molding machines of the Retomat or Foromat make and with molding sand preparation respectively.

Jolt-squeezing molding machines

Jolt-squeezing molding machines for molding flask sizes from 500 x 400 mm to 1,200 x 900 mm for fast and high compaction even for model contours with steep walls and different levels.

Molding material mixers

High-speed rotary mixers for batch operation for the preparation of clay-bonded or bentonite-bonded molding materials with a throughput of 6 to 80 t/h. Preparation of the molding material occurs at regular short switchover to the preparation stages of mixing, kneading or fluffing. The molding material will thus have a high level of flowability and compactibility.

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